at Hoisl-Bräu

Family, company, and Christmas parties, gatherings with friends


In our dining rooms, we host celebrations for all occasions, from 6 to 66 people.

  • Stüberl
  • Hoisl-Stube
  • Corners in our guest room

We always decorate our rooms with great care and in accordance with the respective season.

We look forward to your reservation!


According to the occasion, we set up your premises or tables with white tablecloths and fresh flowers. We arrange flowers and decorations according to your wishes, putting a lot of effort into creating a beautiful atmosphere. We also combine color-coordinated candles and napkins. This way, you and your guests will be in a festive mood right from the beginning of the evening.


Would you like to start your event with an apéritif for your guests? If the weather permits, it can also be served outdoors.

  • In summer, in the garden
  • In winter, by the open fire with tea or mulled wine on the terrace

We charge €3.00 - €4.50 per person, depending on the apéritif choice.

The Menu

We would be delighted to meet you in person for menu planning. As we would like to engage thoroughly with your event planning, we kindly request you to arrange an appointment with us
Tel: +49 88 56 / 90 17 33-0.

Nevertheless, we would like to “tickle” your taste buds a bit in advance and have prepared one of many possible menus for you.

to Menu Proposal


For wines, you can make a preselection, or you can leave the choice to your guests. Drinks will be charged based on consumption.

We are happy to collect payment for spirits directly from your guests if you prefer not to cover these costs.

Menu Proposal

Bavarian Liver Spaetzle Soup with Fresh Chives
Marinated Mixed Leaf Salad with Crispy Bacon Strip and crunchy white bread croutons


Succulent pork tenderloin medallions served with a delicate pepper sauce and crispy potato rosti
Pan-Fried Pikeperch & Red Perch Fillet with Tomato Risotto
Seasonal vegetarian delight featuring a medley of mushrooms, pumpkin, asparagus, and more


Apple fritters coated in cinnamon sugar, served with velvety vanilla ice cream

Note: 3-course menus are available starting from approximately €28.00

For events with up to 20 people, à la carte dining is usually manageable. For larger reservations, we kindly suggest offering a limited menu in collaboration with you to ensure a smooth dining experience and avoid prolonged waiting times.

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