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Hotel classification with 3 stars

Landhotel Hoisl-Bräu has been awarded 3 stars since 2005.

In the last review in 2021, we were rated with 398 points. The 4-star category begins at 410 points.

Quality is important to us!

That's why we regularly invest in our business. Here are some recent updates:

  • Photovoltaic system (since June 2023)
  • Charging stations for electric cars are planned for 2024
  • New frameless showers in the rooms since 2023
  • New telephone system (November 2022)
  • New awning that can be used on windy days with supports (September 2022)
  • Switch to 100% green energy from the region (February 2022)
  • New mattresses in the “Brauhaus” annex building (February 2022)
  • New playground for the little ones in the garden (February 2022)
  • Awarded Environmental and Climate Pact Bavaria (January 2022)
  • New restaurant toilets (2021)
  • Installation of taste dividers in the restaurant (Corona)
  • New ventilation system in the kitchen and restaurant (Corona)
  • Disinfection stations for guests and employees (Corona)
  • Defibrillator in Promberg, right across from the hotel entrance (2021)
  • New Wi-Fi with a firewall that meets all data protection guidelines (2021)
  • New thermal insulation windows in the “Stüberl” (2021)
  • New lighting accents at several locations
  • Redesign of our very popular dining room “Stüberl”, painting
  • Environmentally friendly irrigation system with rainwater
  • New garden furniture
  • New upholstery in the tavern
  • New Elastica mattresses with anti-mite cover and 2 hardness levels
  • Purchase and renewal of the access road, renovation of the parking lot”

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Empfehlung im Michelin-Führer

Last but not least

Of course, we always look for ways to work as environmentally friendly, climate-neutral, and resource-efficient as possible in all processes. For this, we have fulfilled the requirements for the "Umweltpakt Bayern” (Environmental Pact Bavaria) and are proud to present this with the logo. The regional purchase of food for the restaurant is particularly important to us.

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