Terrace & garden

Garten und Terrasse, Landhotel Hoisl-Bräu, Penzberg

Natuarlly we have a lot of space around our house since we are living on the countryside. If the weather is fine, we serve on our terrace throughout the whole year and during summer we serve on our beer garden.

Our garden offers a wooden tower which can be used by our small guests for climbing and sliding. Our "junior manager" Isabella (4 years) tested it on her own and found it to be good. Meanwhile, parents can enjoy their food outside but still keep an eye on ther kids.

Terrace - seats available throughout the whole year!!

A freshly draught beer on the sunny side of life, including the beautiful view across fields and meadows onto the mountains. Carpie diem - enjoy your days.
approx. 50 seats

Beer garden

Beer garden on the fresh green of a Bavarian meadow under white and blue sky. Enough space for tables for up to 70 people.