Our menu

Next to our comprehensive menu we offer a daily changing menu with delicacies such as crispy roast pork with potato dumplings and salad. Bon appetit!

Starters and salads

Side salad

Mixed salad bowl

Large mixed salad bowl with

- fried turkey breast, seeds and bread

- twofold smoked fish with horse reddish cream and bread

- fried potato bags filled with cream cheese

Smoked salmon on potato hash brown and dill sauce, with salad


Soup of the day

Consommé (Leberspätzle, Brätspätzle - kind of pasta containing liver or sausage meat - or pancake stripes)

Homemade goulash soup with bread

From the woods

Roast venison leg with cranberries, chanterelles sauce, homemade Spätzle and salad

Poachers' pan: mixed venison goulash with creanberries, dumplings and salad

From river and sea

Arctic chor, fried in parsley butter, with boiled potatoes and salad

Pike perch, fried in almond butter, with boiled parsley potatoes and salad

For the carnal desire

Fried pork schnitzel with fries and salad

Pork schnitzel with mushrooms and homemade Spätzle with salad

Swabian dish: medallions of pork saddle with homemade Spätzle and fried onions, gratinated with cheese, cream sauce and salad

Veal cordon bleu with mixed salad

Veal stew with creame sauce, served in a pot with homemade Spätzle and salad

Wiender Schnitzel (veal) with creanberries, fried potatoes and salad

Roast beef (beef loin) with onions with fried potatoes and salad

Hoisl-Grillteller: medallions of beef loin and pork fillet, with spicy sauce, sausages, fries and bacon beans

Pork fillet with pepper sauce, Schupfnudeln (finger-shaped potato dumplings) and salad

Country-Toast: Fried medallions of pork fillet on roasted bread with herbsbutter, onions and salad

Meatless dishes

Vegetable pancakes filled with mixed creamy vegetables, gratinated with chees and butter potatoes

Vegan potato vegetable dish with herbs, fried in olive oil

Fried potato bags filled with cream cheese and salad

Cheese-Spätzle with fried onions and salad

Potatoe hash browns (3 pieces) with apple sauce

For our small guests (up to 14 years)

Kids menu:

"Pumuckl-Teller" or "Harry Potter" and 1 scoop of ice cream

"Captain Blaubär": Fish fingers with french fries

"Pumuckl-Teller": Pork schnitzel with french fries and salad

"Harry Potter": Roast pork with Spätzle and vegetables

Dumpling or Spätzle with sauce

French fries with tomato ketchup


Mixed cheese with butter (a litte bit of everything)

Spicey Obazda (mixed Bavarian cheese dish containing brie and butter) with onions, small red redishes and crunchy Vintschgerl (kind of bread, seasonal)


Homemade black Pressack (kind of Bavarian sausage)

Mixed Pressack with vinegar and oil

Bavarian Feast dish
cold roast, smoked meat, Pressack, lard and cheese

Cold roast with horse raddish and butter

Sausage salad (sausage strips in vinegar and oil)

Swiss sausage salad

Two pair of 'Wiener' sausage

Two pair of pork sausages with sauerkraut

White sausages (only until 11 am!)

"Hawai-Toast": Two slices of toast with ham and pineapple, gratinated with cheese

Bread, Breze or Vintschgerl

Please see our menu for kids!