... and Landhotel Hoisl-Bräu

Promberg is mentioned first in a tax book of the monastary of Benediktbeuern for the period 1279 to 1294. It had been a so-called ‘Schwaige’, a kind of stock yard belonging to the monastery. The owner’s name Hansel Pronberger can be found in the tax books from 1487. After the yard was taken over by somebody called Matheis (Hoisl) Pronberg in 1679, the name ‘Hoisl’ stayed as yard name. Over the course of time, ‘Pronberg’ changed to ‘Promberg’, which later became part of Penzberg.

Die Gaststätte Hoisl-Bräu in seiner Anfangszeit

On October 26th, 1829, the farmer of ‚Hoisl‘, Josef Baur, was granted the right to serve beer. In 1864, the restaurant at the Hoisl property had been authorized as ‘Tafernwirtschaft’. In 1884, Josef Baur (III) developed a brown beer brewery on this property, which was named after the yard name ‘Hoisl-Bräu’.

In 1935, Therese and Josef Günthner took over the company from Rosa Baur. The ‘Hoisl’-brewery stopped the production of beer in the 1960s. In 1970, the yard’s daughter, Maria Günthner, married Fritz Gattinger, who both committed themselves with passion to the continuation of the restaurant. In 1983/1984, the restaurant area in the ground floor had been renovated.

Familie Dehmelt und Gattinger, Landhotel Hoisl-Bräu, Penzberg

In 2001, the daugther Maria Gattinger married Volker Dehmelt. The young couple joined business in the same year. Therefore, the young family decided to extend the upper floors to a small country hotel. The building phase started in September 2001, the opening was in June 2002.

On September 8th, 2003, the "junior manager" Maximilian was born, followed by his little sister Isabella on February 23rd, 2010.

In 2005, the hotel was awarded with 3 stars for the first time. In 2007, the two youngsters Maria and Volker took over the Hoisl-Bräu’s management.

2020 und 2021: Corona make everything complicated, but we do our best to safe your health and offer you a pleasant stay at the hoisl-bräu.