Golf courses in our surrounding area

Many golf courses within 6 km distance let every golf fan's heart beat faster. Everyone who accepts a few km travel will find numerous golf corses in short distances.

club docation distance
Beuerberg Eurasburg 5.5 km
Iffeldorf Iffeldorf 6 km
St.-Eurach Iffeldorf 8.5 km
Bergkramer Hof Wolfratshausen 20 km
Hohenpähl Pähl 29 km
Tutzing Tutzing 30 km
Gut Rieden Starnberg 35 km

Details to each golf course can be found on: golf courses in our area.

You will receive your voucher for discounted green fees on working days at our reception.

Our senior manager, Fritz Gattinger, is a passionate golf player and will love to give advice!